Infamous Fan - Kate

Hey babe just wanted to congratulate you on the PT business and your website. I just read your blog and I find it so refreshing to hear your approach to health and fitness. I am so OVER hearing people's obsessiveness with eating clean and starving themselves to ridiculous levels. It's not healthy and I agree so much with your philosophy of balance.
You are looking great and just wanted to send you this quick msg to say keep it up I'm loving everything you're doing. If I still lived in Bris I would defs be coming to your bootcamps.
Hope all is well xx


Client - Melissa "6 week challenge"

When I first seen that Davina had started a personal training program I knew i really wanted to start training with her. I had never met her before but she just seemed so lovely and real. At my consultation she went through what options she had available and never pressured me to do anything I didn’t want. I knew straight away that I wanted to do the 6 week bikini challenge. I didn’t feel like I needed to be in shape already to get started.

After doing my first pinch test I was a bit down on what the results were but she was alway there assuring me that we would get to the goals I wanted and that she was only ever a phone message away to help get me through my sugar cravings. I had plenty on support from her and felt that if I was eating bad that I would be letting her down. In six weeks we had reached the goal we set and it wasn’t difficult. By getting told what is good for you and whats not really makes a difference.

Infamous Physiques has helped me feel more comfortable in my skin even though I have had bad days but the inspirational pictures get me through the day and the bootcamps have helped me tone my body as well as make some awesome new friends. Infamous physiques also got me to do something I thought I would never do a photo shoot, for someone like me thinking that you need to be a super model or have a hot body to get in a crop and pose it gave me a confidence boost to reach newer goals.

So girls if your looking for results and making great friends I definitely recommend speaking to Infamous Physiques best thing Ive done for myself in a long time and you wont regret it.


Client - Zoe

I absolutely LOVE training with you because you are such an inspiration and are constantly motivating me to push harder. I cant even describe how good I feel after training with you! it's so refreshing and comforting to know someone is there to constantly support you in every way! :) BIG LOVE! xx


Client - Little Miss Nia 

No one could ever compare to you! I’ve had other personal trainers but no one who could even come close. A few months ago, I would have never traded my sleep-ins for anything. Now, I’m training with you four days a week! The motivation and inspiration I get is unbelievable. I have never once left a training session without a massive smile on my face. Training with you turns bad days into good and good days into even better!
I would like to thank you so very much for always believing in me, listening to me have a little whinge here and there but most of all kicking my ass when I need it the most!
Thank you for making me one step closer to a fitter, stronger and leaner Nia… :D


Infamous Physiques Facebook Fans 

Jordan - "You are so motivating Davina! Everyday I look at your page and your status' and quotes and you motivate me to eat healthy and train, I've lost 10 kilos and I wanna lose another 10... It's you and your 'Infamous Physique' that makes me believe all the hard work is worth it! You are so stunning and a credit to yourself and I just wanted to say thanks for making an average girl like me believe that I can be amazing.


Little Maid - Thankyou for giving me the inspiration to get my ass back into gear! Can't wait to peruse the website and take even more of your enthusiasm and positive energy from there xx


Cam - Hay Davina! You are so inspirational to me! I love your confidence and strength, I wish I was in your area so you could train me, and kick my butt into shape xx