Davina' Detox - Day 6

Helloooo my amazing Infamous Physiques Followers!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and didn’t get up to too much mischief.

My weekend was so lovely, and as I promised.. ALCOHOL FREE!!

I would usually have Bootcamp with my Bombshells on a Saturday morning but this Saturday the grounds were still really muddy from all the rain we have had. Such a bummer because the morning was PERFECT! So lucky me went off to the dentist to get my Barry-beef’s checked!

I don’t understand WHYY my dentist still asks me “Soo Davina.. have you been flossing regularly?”

MATE, I’ve been coming to you since I was 5. If I wasn’t flossing regularly then, what makes you think I would be now?

Clearly you know I’m going to say “No John”, so what a pointless question! .. And yes you do make me feel guilty every time.

All was perfect with my little teeth, so I was then on my way to get some groceries.

In my shopping trolley was;

Chicken (ofcourse)

Kangaroo patties

Organic beef mince (to make my favourite lettuce leaf tacos)

All my favourite green veggies zucchini, broccoli etc

Activ Yoghurt – light

Carman’s Muesli

4 box’s of yummy Twinings Tea

Banana’s, kiwi fruit, strawberries

2x Atkins chocolate protein bars


Nothing makes me more motivated to eat better than a clean looking fridge stocked with yummy clean food!

Ry on our tandem bike CUUTE <3


Saturday afternoon my lover lover Ryan surprised me with a TANDEM BIKE!! It sounds gay, because it is a little, but IT WAS SO FUN!

We went for a long ride along the Wynnum/Manly water front, it was so lovely! All the little kids were freaking out at how cool it was!

But now that my weekend is all over, like promised its time to get down to business!

This morning I woke up SO TIRED.. ofcourse because It’s Monday!?

I heard my alarm go off at 4.30am, I should have got up then and gone to Crossfit LIKE I HAD PLANNED.. but no, lazy Davvy decided to sleep in until 7!

I was so disappointed that I didn’t get up earlier to train, I had so many things to do this morning and getting my training over an done with first would have made life so much easier!

So I was dwelling about that but then all of a sudden snapped out of it and made a little plan in my head..

“If I get my programs, emails and facebook done NOW, then I can go to the 9am class without feeling like I have wasted my morning!?’

I’m not going to lie, I was thinking about bailing on training all together because I had made myself think that I didn’t have enough time. Which is what a lot of us do! But I knew how good I would feel after and how it DOSNT HAVE TO BE SO HARD!? The world isn’t going to stop if you do something a little later than you had planned.

My Crossfit Crossaxed WOD (work out of the day) was;

Box Squat   (45kgs)



2x attempts max reps double unders.

And I felt GREAT after, I’m so glad I didn’t let a silly way of thinking get in the way of what makes me happy!

Perfect start to the day!


Protein Oats <3



Breakfast: Oats, coconut oil, 30g protein powder, strawberries and banana

Morning tea: Yoghurt & muesli

Lunch: Chicken cooked in coconut oil, steamed brocoilini and tomato 

Protein shake for afternoon tea 

Dinner: Kangaroo patties with shredded zucchini & mashed potato (Only my second time eating kangaroo and I loved it, It’s high in iron and really low in fat.) 




I can honestly say that I have never felt more motivated!

Having a week off training was the best thing I have done because I just want to smash it now!! I feel fantastic!

So maby if you are feeling a little lethargic, don’t beat yourself up. Just go home and have a YOU night! Hire out some movies, cook a nice dinner. Don’t stress about feeling unmotivated, because trust me it will come! There is nothing worse than going to the gym when you really don’t want to.. It just makes you dread it.

As they say – Absence makes the heart grow fonder ;)


Saturday morning’s, 6.30am, Balmoral High School Ovals, $15!!

Bombshell Bootcamp is a fun and exciting way to start the weekend with a mixture of conditioning and cardio based exercises. Filled with a great group of girls Bootcamp is always a blast, come join the family this week!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

love Davvy xxx


Davina's Detox - Day 2 & 3

So for day 2 of my Davina’s Detox challenge I was just pissed off.. like all day.. at everything!

I even had lunch with my darling mum, spent up at LJ and got a facial (all of which usually makes me so happy) and I was STILL pissed!


I had literally tried everything, I even went for a run in the rain hoping to find some joy through my endorphins… nope still nothing!

Luckily by the end of the day I finally started to cheer up.. but It was so weird being so annoyed all day, I just hated it! Its so not like me!!... Can you tell I havn't trained for nearly a week?

Food Diary - Day 2

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Zucchini

                 Protein Shake

Morning tea: Vaalia Yoghurt with muesli (French Vanilla LIGHT)

Lunch: Sushi ( ginger giner & more ginger!!)

3x cups of green tea

Afternoon: Fresh Ginger, apple, watermelon, celery & orange juice      

Chicken, veggies & rice

And my thoughtful boyfriend bought me my favourite ice-cream for dessert to put me in a better mood.. (smart kid).

I wasn’t very hungry all day so I sort of just ate little meals, definitely lacking protein but HEY.. it was just one of those days, I’m not going to beat myself up about it!

If you have a crappy day, just let it pass. Tomorrow is a new day, as your about to read ;)


Davina’s Detox - DAY 3

NOW, feeling so much better today! Quick protein shake to start my day (I’m rarely hungry at that time of the morning!)

I was up at the crack of dawn to shoot over to Legal Muscle to train my Bombshells, and I’m SO happy to have 2 brand new Bombshells join the family. Today has started off great!

I had a skinny vanilla latte with my BEAUTIFUL trainer/mentor Nicky for morning tea.

In all honestly I appreciate Nicky SO MUCH, she is seriously like my therapist. Any issues I have or anything I’m unsure of she works through with me, she brings me clarity, she’s my angel!

After spending a good 2 hours at the coffee shop speaking about EVERYTHING from relationships, to work, to goals.. it made me think;

“I really hope that I can be a “Nicky” with my Bombshells, I aspire to have this kind of open, loving and supportive relationship with my clients. This isn’t just personal training, its mental & spiritual growth.”

Every day I learn something new about myself, it may not always be something good, but every day I have the opportunity to become a better person!

*Affirmation – I will be the best version of myself and learn valuable lessons with each day that passes.*

My clients mean so much to me and I can only wish that one day I can be someone’s “Mentor” or “little angel” just like Nicky is to me!

As I drive home from work my mum calls me and tells me she’s on her way over to help me clean up my room.. one of the many things I was bitching about yesterday!

I get home and make myself some protein oats, then get stuck into my room with mummabear. We spent a whole 5 hours cleaning my pig pen of a room, but it felt so good to de-clutter my life!

I must have had some AWESOME karma because after I had finished cleaning, I walk outside to find a LOST DOG!!!

I’m a fruit-loop for animals, let alone dogs, let alone dogs that are all lost and cold and cute and dirty!!

SOOO I went nuts and picked up the little stray and played with him for a while in my back yard. Bobby Rankin called the council & his owner came over to pick him up.. I cried for hours after... ;)

Davina’s DETOX – Day 3

Breakfast: Protein Shake

Skinny Vanilla Latte

Protein Oats & Banana

Lunch: Tuna salad

Afternoon tea: ABC spread on rice cakes & protein shake

Dinner: Chicken vegetable stir fry

Also I have forgotten to add to my previous posts but I drink about 3-4L of water a day.

I also LOVE my tea’s at the moment..

Lipton brings out yummy Lemon and honey tea, peppermint & green tea’s (perfect for these rainy days!).

Also if your after the perfect fat burning supps to help you get ready for summer, check out my Infamous PHYSIQUES Fat attack stack!


Pre workout: Oxyelite Pro

Amino acids: PRIMED Amino Infuse

Protein: PRIMED Whey Protein

ANNNND a super cute widdle Legal Muscle crop too! 








I hope all you crazy Bombshells have a happy and safe weekend!




Davina's Detox - Day 1 

So my first day of my detox was FUN! No yucky fatty foods, just back to business and I felt GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD BOMBSHELLS!!!!

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with shredded zucchini

Morning tea: Banana & Protein shake (PRIMED Nutrition – Whey Isolate – Vanilla Bean)

I was doing photos at Shugah Boutique so I didn’t have lunch until about 1.30pm  but I had a turkey and salad sandwich on rye.

Totally off topic but while I was eating lunch one of the Shugah girls showed me that “ 50 Shades of Grey” book.. HOLY CRAP!? I can totally understand why ladies are rushing to the book stores to buy this thing! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it ASAP!


ANYWAY, my afternoon snack was Natural Almond, Brazil and Cashew nut spread on rice cakes with another yummy protein shake. This spread is soo yummy, I love adding banana, blueberries and strawberries to the rice crackers as well in summer. Check out the Infamous Physiques fan page for pics.. but make sure you cover your keyboard with a towel first.

 I had made some chicken and veggies earlier to take to work to have for dinner, I used my favourite Moroccan seasoning. I scoffed that in between clients and noticed how quiet the gym was, usually Wednesday nights are one of the busiest but everyone must have been home, snuggled up on the couch (I don’t blame them it was so cold last night!).. Which made me think about how excited I was to get home and jump in between the sheets!

SO seeing as I am clearly one of the smartest girls on the planet, I thought it would be an AWEEEESOME idea to have a pre-work out capsule, because I was feeling a little tired. That left me WIDE awake by the time I got to Ryan’s place. While Ryan was happily fast asleep, I was wide awake, staring at the ceiling at 1:22am thinking of ways I could wake Ryan up to keep me company without him wanting to stab me.

So I ended up falling asleep and having stupid dreams about Emu’s and Kangaroos chasing me, When I woke up I was in the WORST mood in the world.. I literally drove to my house fuming.. for no reason..(I’m sure you know the feeling too). I got home and I almost wanted to kill Bobby Rankin for asking me to move my car out of the drive way so he could go to work lol I reversed out of my drive way SO FAST that one of my neighbours even msged me saying;

 “Nice reversing hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah”

 Seriously, I need to calm the f*ck down.

 I went back into my room and watched this sad commercial about under privileged children and felt like an absolute asshole! SO I went and had a shower, made myself some eggs, sent Bobby a msg telling him how much I love him and finished off the last of my training programs. All in the space of a few short minutes I have completely turned my day around!


If your feeling a little shitty today, or having a blue with your boyfriend or even just angry for no reason what so ever.. sit down and have a little think about how lucky you REALLY are and how much you have to be grateful for.

I think training this afternoon is exactly what I need, after being so naughty and not committing to my training program I think I just need to let off some steam!

I’m one of those weird people that like to start things on a “Monday”, when I could just as easily start on a Wednesday. So I haven’t done any Crossfit classes this week (this time last week I had already finished my class for the day and even went to Ryan’s gym and trained with him that night.. I was on fire man!)

 This week I’m just going to focus on getting my clean eating back on track, reassessing my goals and doing my current training program.

I couldn’t even get out of bed Monday let alone do a 5.15am class, so I’m excited that I have a whole week to get my shit together, rid all that deadly alcohol from my body and finally feel fresh again!

I am even going film my sessions for you Bombshells to have a look at!




















Well I hope you all have a wonderful, angerfree & calm day. Until tomorrow...


Love Davvy xxxx


Davina's DETOX - Day 1


WELL, as most of you bombshells know I have started my own little winter detox!

Last year I went without drinking for 10 WHOLE MONTHS.. and never felt better, but this year I have been loving life a little bit too much. What I find is that when I’m happy I tend to not mind too much about being a few kilos heavier and I tend to slack off with my training, because I’m comfortable!

This year has been by far the BEST year of my life and I have enjoyed SO MUCH of it, but after a HUGE weekend of bad food and alcohol it has literally taken me 3 days to feel normal again. It is so much harder to train and keep a clean diet after smashing a few tequila shots.

I think we all know the horrible guilty feeling we get when we KNOW how well we were going the week before, all to flush it down the toilet with a naughty weekend!

Last week I was feeling amazing, diet was perfect, had just signed up to my local Crossfit gym and I was finally feeling completely motivated….  NEXT MINUTE…… big weekend….. in bed all day Monday, still feeling horrible Tuesday and TODAY I finally feel ok!

So there goes 2 perfectly good days of me feeling crappy… 2 days that I could have had  working on my body for the GOOD!  Instead.. I’m feeling like a bloated mess with half a hangover. THIS IS CHANGING!


So girlfriends, DRY JULY IT IS!

I will be keeping you all updated with daily blogs so you can keep tabs on what I’m eating, how I’m training, feeling and thinking!

Last year if I was to do a shoot, I would only need a weeks notice because of how healthy and unflabby I was.. If I was to be booked for a shoot NOW, I would atleast need 3 weeks to feel 100% confident in myself!

SO mid August I am going to do a “Post Davina’s Detox” shoot so you can see for yourselves the benefits of clean eating and hard exercise!

It doesn’t take long as I already have a great starting point (as do most of you Bombshells) but with the right tools I KNOW I will be where I want to be in a few weeks time.


NOW – I’m NOT dieting! The word diet makes me cringe, as they are unmaintainable, I’m simply making HEALTHY CHOICES! So you will see that I will treat myself to sushi with the girls and go out to dinner with my super hunky boytoy ;)

Dieting and trying to stick to a strict low calorie plan may work for a little while, but what will get you the best LONGTERM results is a lifestyle change! It may take a little longer to begin with but there is no quick fix. Plus dieting like that makes you hate life.. trust me I would know! I went on my first ever diet last year before my Oxygen Shoot at WORLD GYM and kept going all year.. on and off. It was so draining, and I found all I wanted to do was binge on chocolate! I literally turned into a headcase about it!

Ask my clients, when they tell me that they have had a bad weekend or been naughty with bad foods.. I just tell them that tomorrow is a new day and not to beat themselves up about it. ITS NOT A BIG DEAL, the term “cheat meal” makes me cringe also!



If you want to eat something that badly, eat it, deal with it, then move on! No one should crave a piece of chocolate that badly, the only reason you have such string cravings is because your told “you CANT have it”. Life is way to short to live that way, just focus on your goals and work towards them. If you really want a treat, then have a treat, your responsible for your body, so you take responsibility for your actions and how they make you feel after!


I hope you all have a beautiful day and I will be posting my FULL blog about my “DETOX - day 1” tomorrow morning!


See you all at Bombshell Bootcamp tonight, 6.30pm Legal Muscle, Viccy point <3


Love Davvy



The Rockwear Fitness Diary - With miss Infamous ALL OVER IT!!