Davina’s Detox - week 3

Davina’s Detox – WEEK 3 BOMBSHELLS!


Tuesday 10th July

After staying the night at my best friends house and not going to sleep until close to 1.30am, I was back up and about at 5am off to train a few Bombshells.

The only thing that makes my early morning drive bearable is my Ipod!! My Ipod is like the soundtrack to my life these days, I spend so many hours in the gym and travelling around in my love bus. My Ipod can make a normal morning into a spectacular morning.. its all about the tuuuuunes Bombshells!


Davvy’s Ipod Picks:

Early morning “Get psyched” track – Kyoto, Skrillex

Running track – So Fast, So maby – K Flay (Ryan Crabtree mix)

Need to look sexy as f*ck for the weekend so I’m going to train my ass off track – Rattle, Bingo Players

Couldn’t be f*cked training but I know I probs should track - Sunlight, Modestep

Happy track – Delicious, Danny T

Sexy track – 212, Azealia Banks

Gangsta track – Drop the world, lil Wayne

All loved up track – Watch and learn, Rhianna

I’m a sexy bitch track – Don’t cha, Pussy cat dolls

OLD SCHOOL – This is how we do it, Montell Jordan

Angry track – Break stuff, Limp Biscuit

Baby making track – Best I ever had, Drake

Fave summertime track – Apple of the eye, Something with numbers

ROAD TRIP TRACK – Save tonight, Eagle – eye Cherry



So after getting all pumped up training my Bombshells It was then time for me to train! I was so sore after Monday but my little circuit was:

100 double mountain climbers

100 step squats

100 presses

25 stair runs


Took me 25 minutes and I was buggered.

So off home I went, my stomach was growling at me so as soon as I got home I made myself some Chicken, zucchini, sprouts and snowpeas.

My day was pretty short and sweet thankfully, after I ate some lunch I had a widdle nanna nap and then I was basically back off to work again!

My ridiculously goodlooking boyfriend decided to surprise me with a romantic little dinner!

He came over to my house with all the ingredients in a little bag and ice cream in an esky..(nawww) BUT I wasn’t allowed to know what we were cooking.. I had to guess!

I noticed that there was sweet potato in a pot and crushed peanuts, rocket, olive oil & flower.

Low and behold we were making SWEET POTATO GNOCCHI!!!

We decided to add some mince garlic to it aswell and it was superb! It’s my new favourite dish!

It was the most perfect night, it’s funny how something so simple can just make your day!




Breakfast: Banana & protein shake

I went a fair few hours in between breakfast and lunch which is usually very rare for me, but I didn’t prepare any food the night before so I had to suffer the consequences. I so could have easily driven through KFC on the way home or Macca’s but I KNOW how disappointed in myself I would be when I have some perfectly good food only 15 mins away!

Through the week I like to stick to clean foods and then on the weekend if I go out to dinner or go to the movies it’s fun to relax a little bit! PLUS, If I’m eating well 99% of the time, when I DO get a bit naughty, there is no way that I’m going to feel guilty.. I’m just going to enjoy it! I rarely crave bad food these days anyway, the one and only thing I crave ALL the time is SUSHIII AND GINGERRRRR mmmmmmmm…….

Lunch: Chicken, zucchini, snow peas & sprouts

Afternoon snack: Yoghurt & muesli

Work snack: protein shake

Dinner: Sweet potato gnocchi with garlic rocket, crushed peanuts and extra virgin olive oil <3

Recipe found at  -

Along with a million other yummy food ideas <3 enjoy!


WEDNESDAY 11th July 

REST DAY.. thank god because I had some serious muscle pain from last week and this week!!

So this may be too much information for most of you BUT, I had the WORST pains in my tummy this morning.. almost like I was being stabbed with a blunt knife. It was the worst!

I had narrowed it down to my Iron and Zinc tablets.. and now have to invest in some Metamucil.. I’m sure your picking up what I’m putting down here ;) My clients know alllllll about this one!

But ended up feeling better and went off to do some photos for Shugah Boutique for a few hours. The stock was still in transit when I got there so I went off and got a skinny vanilla latte.. I LOVE COFFEE!

From someone who always takes pre work out and stimulants, I must say, I rate a cup of coffee is almost just as good. I seriously was happy as Larry for like 3 hours! Then my amazing best friend came in and visited me (Before she left me again to go back home L )

I had my usual Turkey and salad sandwich on rye and ANOTHER latte.. once again I LOVE COFFEE!!!!

Then off to Legal Muscle to train another lot of Bombshells, I am soooo in love with my clients is creepy..

I love the relationship I have with everyone of them, I actually don’t feel like I’m working because of how much fun we have together!

I left work very grateful, I have the best group of girls and better yet I still have a handful of new Bombshells starting next week. I get so proud watching them get stronger and leaner, but even better.. happier and more confident!



Breakfast: eggs with zucchini & tomato

Snack: yoghurt & banana

Lunch: Turkey & salad sandwich on rye

Afternoon tea: Protein shake & muesli bar

Dinner: Vegetarian lasagne (WAS SO GOOD!)

I have not felt this happy, dedicated, healthy and energised all year.. and it’s consistent which is the best thing. I have now found my routine and I’m loving it. Remember week one, how lazy I was feeling all the time, now everything is just a breeze!

Once you take control of your life everything runs smoothly!

My relationship with my family, friends and loverlover is stronger than ever, my business is booming, my body is loving me sick ANDDD my insides are so happy that I’m not smashing them with all the heavy, fatty and sugary foods I was abusing. And also not having to deal with the binge drinking effects from the weekends is another massive win!


I also am having the best luck lately, I just got told some VERY exciting news which I cant wait to share with you all (no I’m not expecting a baby) SO STAY TUNED!

Also all these festivals are getting me a little excited for summer…. Bikini’s, beaches… NOT FAR AWAY!

Parklife ticket purchased, Stereosonic is next, cute little festival outfit and an amazing day out with the girls here I come.. who goes for the acts anyway?

On that note, Lets spend the next 3 minutes reminesing about summer and all It's glory.. enjoy!


Davvy xxx


Davina’s Detox - FUNDAY MONDAY

Monday 9th July

YOU deserve to be happy, do something for you this week <3


I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and this fabulous Monday wasn’t too stressful for you.

My weekend was so good, I got to see my super cool Bombshell Bootcampers Saturday morning (They were a little bit filthy with me because of how many suicides they had to do, but were all smiles by the end).

My Shugah Boutique family <3I didn’t do a whole lot, It was my ShugahMumma’s surprise birthday Saturday night which was fun (the Lovely Lisa Wallis, Owner of Shugah Boutique..does not look a day over 21 ;)) -->

Sunday morning had a bit of a sleep in which was AMAZINGG, and took my mum & step dad down the coast for a walk along the beach front (just a little bit cute) and a nice little lunch at The Grand, little is a MASSIVE understatement.. I had an Angus Rump with prawns, brocollini & mash.. it was huge. For dinner Sunday night I had my favourite food of all time… SUUUUUSHIIII & a shitload of ginger as per usual lol. SO MUCH FOOD!


Now Monday has arrived and I feel as fresh as a lovely little daisy! I have given up trying to do the 5:15am Crossfit class on my morning’s off, instead I just do the 9:15 class.. last thing I want to do is wake up early on my mornings off, that extra half an hour sleep in puts me in the worlds best mood for the day!

Today’s WOD (workout of the day) was:

4 Rounds of Tabata for each exercise (20 sec on, 10 sec rest)

- Row (For Calories)

- GHD Sit-ups

- Ring Dips

- Overhead Barbell Lunge 20kg (15)

- Bear Crawl (For Distance)



The workout was only 8 minutes long (not including warm up), but it literally left me on my ass! It was so good! This weekend is the big SEMPER PARATUS Challenge 2012, a day where Crossfitters around Brisbane can test their limits and have a whole heap of fun pushing their boundaries with some challenging exercises! If your interested in watching this cool little event the Location is - CrossFit CrossAxed, 230 Lytton Rd, Morningside.

Date - 15th July 2012

It will start around 8.30am and finish around 4pm, if you need to be inspired or some extra motivation, DON’T MISS IT!

I have a whole heap of new Bombshells that have started their Infamous Physiques weight loss journey, so its going to be exciting for their first weigh in to see how well their training and clean eating is paying off!

As for me, this is nearly my 3rd week of no alcohol, healthier/cleaner diet & hard training.. I FEEL ON TOP OF THE WORLD (insert shuffling). And to make this week even better, I have my bestest friend in the whole wide world back home until Thursday! So cute little girls only sleepover is happening tonight, WHICH I CANT WAIT FOR! ANND I have one of my amazing regular Bombshell’s Nia starting back up again after nearly 5 weeks away.. today is a good day!!

Monday’s Diet:

Breakfast: 2 eggs on toast, Proto whey shake

After Training: Primed - Amino Infuse shake

Morning Tea: Yoghurt, muesli & banana

Lunch: Chicken (with Moroccan seasoning), Zucchini & snow peas with a green tea

Afternoon tea: ABC spread on rice cakes with strawberries & Primed Ice coffee protein shake

Dinner: Chicken (with Moroccan seasoning), Zucchini & snow peas with a green tea (left overs from lunch)


I may have also had 2 slices of Pizza Capers back at Amelia’s house with the girls when I got there at 8pm after work too :/

After spending the night with my bestfriends it really dawned on me.. You NEED to surround yourself with the right people, People that empower you and make you a better person. I am sooo lucky to have such a large group of girls JUST LIKE THAT, that are all so special and valuable to me in different ways!

If your finding it hard to achieve your goals, have a look at your situation first. Are you lacking motivation because you have no support? 

BE SUPPORTIVE, be your friends back bone when she needs it and make sure you’re the kind of friend that you would want YOUR friends to be!



Not only do I have the worlds best support network, but they just so happen to be ridiculously good at dougie-ing also.. for white girls anyway.. 


WELL I will leave you at that Bombshells, why not send off a msg telling your girls how much you love them & how important they are to you!

Much love,

Davvy xxx


Davina's Detox - Week 2 - Thursday




I got to sleep in a little with the love of my life which was amazing!

Then scooted off home to get some paperwork & my emails done before I had my weekly date with mummabear!

Today was an awesome day for me, while mum and I were out I had 3 different girls tell me how much they loved my blog, made me feel so good!!

I also ran into myself a few times, I still cant get used to being on big posters and signs. My mum loves it, she has 10000 copies of every magazine I’ve been in, every catalogue, EVERYTHING. And she will be happy to show you, honestly, you could be a homeless person sitting in the gutter and good old Barbie will sit down beside you and start pointing me out.. she’s good ;)

I got the most amazing massage and got rid off all that stiffness in my upper back so I’m nice and limber for Crossfit this afternoon.

They upload the WOD (workout of the day) at 12pm each night so I already know what I’m in for.

My workout is:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps of

1.5x bodyweight deadlift

1x bodyweight bench press

3/4x body weight clean squat

looks a little something like this:

WISH ME LUCK! Il update you on how I went in tomorrow’s blog.. but if you see that my facebook status is “In hospital”, you can just guess for yourself.


Breakfast: Eggs on toast & peppermint tea

Morning tea: Protein shake (Protowhey – chocolate, so sweet, so good!)

Lunch: sushi with as per usual WAYY too much ginger

Afternoon tea: Watermelon, ginger, celery, orange & apple juice, almonds.

Afternoon tea #2: chilli & mixed vegetable mince tacos in lettuce leafs (SO GOOD!)

Well I hope you are all getting physical tonight.. (you can take that which ever way you want to).

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL BOMBSHELLS, don’t sell yourself short!


Davvy xxx


I was going to post this blog tomorrow but I decided to post it tonight so you can hear my little story.

I just finished Crossfit, and just quietly I was shitting myself for the lifting I thought I was going to have to do tonight. But when I got there, they had just tricked us. You see if they put on their website that we are going for a 5km run no one would turn up… so they said we had a different workout.

THAT MEANS I, Davina Rankin, the girl who HATES running, ran 5kms!!

And I feel AMAZING!! I could not be prouder of myself and I’m SO GLAD they didn’t put that up on the website because in all honesty I probably wouldn’t have shown up!

I have decided that I want to get really good at running and its going to be my new project!

Tonight, write down your goals.. what do you want to improve at? What’s a new sport you can try?  LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE BORING, explore bombshells!!!! LOVE YOU ALL X 1000!!!!


Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins 


Davina’s Detox – Week 2


Hump day is my second favorite day of the week, I get to have a little sleep in after my big Tuesday’s! So I woke up on top of the world!

My day started off with doing photos for Shugah Boutique. I love my Shugah family so much, I’ve been there nearly 3 years now! TIME FLY’S when your having fun.. so I’ve heard.

I don’t usually train on Wednesdays, and thank god it was Wednesday because I was SO SORE!

Weirdly enough, what was hurting the most were my traps and rhomboids from Monday’s double unders and Tuesday’s 5 minute challenge.

So I thoroughly enjoyed having the day off training!

That didn’t mean I was easy on my girls though, that night my Bombshells copped a smashing!


NEW 6 week challenge bombshell Mel survived 3 full days of training, and did not complain one bit.. she even sent me one of the nicest msgs I have ever got after her session! My other Bombshells just killed it as per usual and my BOOTCAMPERS- Well, they had to put up with multiple
burpees, mountain climbers, suicides, squat jumps, v-ups and a few minutes worth of planks.



I quickly rushed over to one of the boy’s place so I didn’t miss kick off, and all seemed quite tame there.. UNTIL half time.

Everyone was getting a little bit louder, costumes where starting to appear and by the end of the night I had a pink wig on, Ryan had an orange wig on and some big Bling necklace and Mark was dressed in an nurses outfit and a mullet.. not to mention Sarah in a sumo suit.

sooo sexy.....

SHIT GOT CRAZY... and I was sober so it looked extra stupid.

If any Blues supporters are reading this.. I’m sorry your team is so bad at football.. L Maby next year.. or 7?

Haha ANYWAY Diet:

Breakfast: eggs on toast (no butter) & green tea

Morning tea: Chicken & salad sandwich

Lunch: Chicken & broccolini

Afternoon tea: Yoghurt, strawberries & banana

OK before you judge me, let me just point out it WAS Origin night..

Dinner: a sausage in a roll with tomato sause and cheese.. formally known as a hot dog.




Yeah yeah yeah bombshells…



Davvy xxx



Davina' Detox - Day 7

Davina’s Detox – Tuesday 3rd July

Well today I woke up super duper early to be down at Legal Muscle at the crack of dawn for my first beautiful client Liz.I HATE eating so early in the morning, I literally roll out of bed and into my car. Tuesday and Friday morning’s are my earliest starts so I usually eat my breakfast on the go, today i chose yoghurt.The morning was perfect and I was feeling like 1 million $$! After all my clients had finished it was now time for me to train with my amazing mentor/trainer Nicky. I love nothing more than an early morning sweat session to start my day!

My session for the day was to get my “For Time Standards”, so I got to pick 3 exercises.

I chose;

100 Full sit ups (record how long it takes me to complete)

100 Dips

5 mins skipping (how many jumps I do)

I chose mostly exercises that didn’t involve my legs too much as I was left shattered from box squats the day before!

This is a great work out for you to try at home, and if you record it you can see how you have improved over time!

My score was;

100 Full sit ups – TIME 3:54

100 Dips – TIME 3:23

5 Minutes skipping – 578 reps

So next month I should be able to smash these standards and create new ones! I finished with 40x 12kg kettle bell swings and 5 minutes on the tredmil at 6kph. I FELT AMAZEBALLSSS!!


Breakfast (4.30am): Yoghurt and muesli

2nd Breakfast: Eggs and zucchini, Protein shake

Morning tea: Raspberry & Pomegranate tea, ABC spread on 2 rice cakes with banana & strawberries

Lunch: Moroccan Chicken and brocolinni

Afternoon tea: Protein shake & Sanitarium muesli bar


Dinner: Sweet Chilli Chicken soft tacos with lettuce, tomato & red onion YUM!



Tonight is a FREEZING cold night so I’m sitting in bed sipping on my Green tea with my electric blanket on, life couldn’t be better! Goes to show you ARE happier when your healthier, life is so beautiful and simple and WAY to short to complicate it with crash diets and eating disorders! JUST CHOOSE HEALTHY, and you cant go wrong!

I’m going to leave you with a few of my FAVOURTE motivational pics, hopefully this gets you motivated to get moving this winter!

Lots of love,

Davvy xxx

see you at the gym?