Some tips to start the week!


It's a new week, so start fresh and look after that body of yours <3


1. Eat a healthy breakfast full of protein with the right amount of carbs and healthy fats to kick start that metabolism.

2. BIG DAY? Pack snacks!

If you have a big day of driving or you simply wont have time to eat a proper meal until the afternoon, pack some almonds, a protein shake or even a yoghurt to eat on the go.

3. Remember to have at least 5 serves of vegetables a day, you can choose how you have them! Chopped up as snacks, grilled with some steak or thrown in with a salad!


Remember to drink a minimum of 3 litres of water a day to keep hydrated! I like to buy two 1.5L bottles and mark times of the day on them so I know how much I should be drinking per hour.. otherwise I just forget! It’s like a little game!

5. Moisturise!

Winter has a great way of drying out our skin! For my face I like to use Organic Rosehip Oil and for my body I like to use St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter body lotion.

6. Exercise! Why? Well…

• Reduces the risk of dying prematurely.

• Reduces the risk of dying prematurely from heart disease.

• Reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

• Reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure.

• Helps reduce blood pressure in people who already have high blood pressure.

• Reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.

• Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.

• Helps control weight.

• Helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints.

• Promotes psychological well-being.

ANND makes you look sexy as f*ck!



7. Make a game plan for your week!

Set yourself up a plan so you know WHAT your eating each day & WHEN your training each day! Your more likely going to do something if you have it written on paper and planned to follow!

8. Juice up!

*Juicing helps you absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables.

*Juicing allows you to consume an optimal amount of vegetables in an efficient manner.

*You can add a wider variety of vegetables in your diet.

My favorite juice mix is Celery, Ginger, Carrot, Orange, Apple & Pear YUM!

9. Try and see how long you can last sugarfree!!

Cutting back on sugar may be difficult, especially since sugars can be found even in processed foods that don't taste sweet; however, the health benefits are well worth it. Weight control, Disease prevention and Healthy teeth COME AT ME!


10. Don’t give up on yourself!!

Fight for your right to feel comfortable in your own skin! There will be days that you will want to sleep in this week, or you will want to pig out but just ask yourself “What do I really want, would I rather winge about being bloated for an extra week OR should I just do what I know is best for my body and my health?”

It’s up to you Bombshells..

In saying that, if you do the right thing by your body then it’s not so bad when you do lash out and have some yummy dessert or have a day off training! Do what’s best for YOU, you deserve it xxx


Love Davvy xxx


"where's my motivation at?"


I know a blog update has been well over due so FINALLY I have been able to sit down and pour my little heart out again.

The last 2 weeks I have been such a busy bee, but successfully survived Dry July ANNNND having Ryan away for 8 whole days!

I was actually away for a few days also doing some super cool once-in-a-lifetime stuff (I can’t say too much about it now, but will be able to soon.. keep those panties on! <3 ).

And lastly my amazing little best friend has been back for the past week so I have been stealing as much time with her as possible!

Saying that I must let you know that for the past 2 weeks I’ve been pretty slack! No real hard training, diet is kind of all over the place AND I went out drinking on the weekend.. I know I know I know! So finally back at work now & getting back into the swing of things FINALLY..

 Which leads me to my blog topic of the day FINDING MOTIVATION!

I know a few of you totally understand the feeling of being on a roll for a few weeks, then relaxing a little, and then never wanting to return to the gym ever… yes?

To make matters worse I think 99.9% of us have some sort of a cold/flu/chest infection blah blah blah … so motivation levels are at an all time LOW!




Firstly there is only 23 days until spring!

Spring = Festivals

Festivals = cute little festival shorts, cropped shirts

Cropped shirts require minimal flab


Spring = The beach

The beach = bikini’s

Bikini’s require self confidence


Now that being said, we need to create a plan of attack!

Its all well and good being inspired for a good 15 minutes while you stalk some hot bitches on Facebook or read a motivating blog..

We need to turn that inspiration into MOTIVATION!

Get MOTIVATED to join your local gym.. enjoy spending “YOU” time in there sculpting yourself into a masterpiece!

Or if it’s a motivator you need make an appointment with your trainer (I know a good one, just ask me!), you are less likely to skip a sweat session if you are accountable for your trainers time!

Go home and make a motivation board, stick it on your fridge and take a good look at some toned bellies before you snack on some beef jerky!

Book yourself a photoshoot.. sounds crazy but let’s face it.. we all LOVE looking at ourselves and we love feeling sexy! WHY NOT?


Book yourself a shoot say 6 – 8 weeks away and give yourself a deadline! Having a deadline is so effective, it decreases your chances of slacking off!



Why not clear your fridge and spend the afternoon at the grocery store.. (sounds like a nightmare I know, but there is a method to my madness.. ) Spend sometime thinking of exciting, yummy & HEALTHY food recipes. Go for a big shop and re-stock your fridge with lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables! Looking at a clean and healthy fridge will inspire you to EAT clean


Last but not least.. go out and buy some new workout gear! Nothing makes you want to go to the gym more than having a brand-spankin-new kit! Buy some new Nike’s or even go get a tan! Studies have shown that you are more likely to go to the gym if you feel good.. GO MAKE YOURSELVES FEEL GOOD BOMBSHELLS!











Maybe spend this week planning your routine and start fresh on Monday (we all like starting fresh on a Monday ). Eat less shit this week so next week when you jump on the clean eating bandwagon you wont feel like chocolate every 5-10 minutes!

Book your consultation with me for your Infamous physiques 6 Week Bikini Challenge!

Email me at for more info!

6 week challenge includes: 6 Personal training sessions, 6 Bombshell Bootcamps, 6 Week Training program, Clean eating guide & 100% support! YOU CAN DO THIS!

No more sitting around wishing and hoping, TIME TO START DOING, like I said Spring is just around the corner!!!

Have a great day Bombshells!

Love Davvy xxx








Davina's Detox - End of week 4 & the weekend!

               Monday 23rd July

GOODMORNING BOMBSHELLS, I hope you have all had a wonderful and healthy weekend!!

Let’s pick things up from where I left off - Thursday 19th

Crossfit workout:


1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1    50kg

Every second set of deadlifts, complete the following: 

Strict press 15kg max reps

Diet –

Breakfast: Eggs on toast & Protein Shake

After Training: Amino Infuse shake

Morning tea: Yoghurt & banana

Lunch: Chicken Breast, salad & curly fries (I was a Hogs Breath lol)

Afternoon tea: T2 Lemon grass and ginger tea, tuna and tomato on rice crackers.

Dinner:  Steak & veggies



Thursday was such a great day, I went and had a facial and got to visit my brand new little niece Abby. SHE IS AMAZING, I’ve always liked babies but I’ve never really wanted to kiss them or hold them much, mostly because some look all snotty and also that I think I’m going to break them.. (Not all babies look snotty but a lot do make themselves pretty dirty.. you know what I’m saying..)

BUT this little girl, I could actually eat.. I even changed her pooey nappy and wiped her all down and made her all clean <3


I LOVE HER! Seriously she drives me nuts, I grind my teeth when I talk about her!

ANYWAY, Friday 20th July

Up bright and early to train my awesome clients, no better way to start my Friday morning I say!



Fridays training:

9kg Turkish get ups 3 sets per arm of 10 reps

2 minutes skipping x 3

500m run x 3

Step up’s – 12 inch 20 reps each leg

Leg raises – 30 reps


Breakfast: Yoghurt, muesli & banana

Morning tea: Protein shake, tuna & tomato on rice cakes

Lunch: Sushi

Afternoon tea/ early dinner: Subway chicken teriyaki wrap 

Dessert: CUPCAKES!

That night all the girls headed over to Mel’s house for a super cute little cupcake party for little Kenny. We got to design our own cupcakes and let me tell you.. My cupcakes were like the Versace of cupcakes! Bloody amazing looking! And I ate like 3.. and rocky road.. and fairy bread…



My weekend was amazing, so nice and relaxing! Saturday trained my bombshell bootcampers, then went shopping and relaxed for the afternoon. I was so excited, I had a hot date with Ryan that night so I got all done up and we went to Cha Cha Char’s on Eagle St Pier. It was beautiful!

Oysters Kilpatrick

Wagu beef spring rolls

Pork with a cherry glaze

….. Life complete.

THEN we got home and watch a movie in bed with ice cream!


Yes I had a very naughty few nights but in all honesty I really didn’t care! I enjoyed every bit of it and I love feeling like that. No guilt, I deserve to treat myself every now and then, AS DO YOU! All in moderation.


Sunday I went for a massive 2 hour walk with one of my girlfriends through Southbank and the city and back to Kangaroo point. It was lovely!

Then went and visited my WIDDLE BEBE NIECE and gave her a cuddle… it had only been a few days but her little face has started to form so perfectly and she doesn’t look so alien any more! SHE IS PERFECT!

Then back off to Mels house to spend the night watching Disney movies and snuggling on the couch, PERFECT LAZY SUNDAY!



On my way home I went to fuel up, walk into the servo and what do I see?


ME – all over Zoo weekly’s front cover!!!!

So if you haven’t seen it already go and check it out!

*Upload a photo of you and the mag on the Infamous Physiques Facebook Fan page to win yourself a Bombshell Bootcamp pass!!*



I hope all you wonderful bombshells have a WONDERFUL WEEK!

Keep working hard towards those goals and by all means DO NOT STOP!

Love love love love

 Davvy xxx


Davina's Detox - week 4 - Monday, Tuesday and HUMP DAY!

              Monday 16th July

Usually the first thing I do on a Monday morning is myCrossfit class, however my morning had to start a little differently today because I was running around like a headless chook! Just doing all that annoying house stuff (Before Bobby Rankin came home from Sydney). Like cleaning and washing and all that jazz. I knew I had 30 minute gap in between clients where I could train down at Legal so I wasn’t stressing too much.

I was still so hyped after watching the Crossfit comp the day before so I had planned a killer 20 minute workout for myself.

Work out –

20 double unders

20 one armed 8kg kettle bell swings each arm } 10 rounds


F*CKED ME! Mind my French… but really, If you own a skipping rope and a kettle bell at home, your laughing because I was actually close to dead after my last round! It doesn’t look like much but trust me it hurts!

So my Monday was really good, I got everything that I wanted to get done finished. AND this is my 4th week of clean eating and hard training, I feel awesome.

They say it usually takes about 4-6 weeks for you to feel and see a difference and about 10-12 weeks for others to see a difference. And I can already see those “little bits” vanishing.. those bits that only YOU take notice of because you spend like 30938 hours a day staring at them in the mirror before you have a shower.. am I right ladies? ;)

SO IM FEELING AWESOME, de-bloated, lighter, fitter, healthier and stronger!


Breakfast: Eggs, zucchini, tomato, onion omelette with protein shake

Morning tea: ABC spread on rice cakes with strawberries

Lunch: Chicken, steamed zucchini & brocollini

 fresh celery, orange, apple, ginger juice

Afternoon tea: Chicken, steamed zucchini & brocollini

Dinner: Subway salad with teriyaki chicken ( I only just realised there was a drive through Subway in Capalaba ) I was feeling a bit sick and actually wasn’t even going to have dinner in all honesty but I thought this would be better than nothing.

I got to Ryan’s house and did the usual.. Shock Mansion ofcourse ;) Then had a nice and early night for my nice and early START the next morning!


Tuesday 17th July

Up at the crack of dawn to train my bombshells, I was soooo tired this morning. Maby lack of sleep or just broken sleep I’m not too sure but it surely showed when it was my time to train!

Training –

3 sets of each

15kg one arm DB rows – 15 reps

12kg cable bicep curls – 15 reps

25kg seated row – 15 reps

6kg hammer curls – 15 reps

40kg stiff leg deadlift – 20 reps

I was so lethargic by the end, It made me so mad!


So I drove back home and had some proper breakfast then slept for like 2 hours!


After my sleep I felt a little bit better, still a bit tired but I just got on with it. Finished my emails, got my programs done and then got one of the most exciting phone calls ever!! I can’t say anything yet but I have another big exciting thing happening which you all will eventually find out about soon!

So that news brightened my day and woke me up a bit which was a bonus!

I also had a very attractive plumber come over and fix my taps.. he was a babe.. blonde hair, greeny-bluey-hazel eyes, amazing chest & shoulders.. a lot like my boyfriend actually.. WAIT – it was my boyfriend ;) If I had planned this right it could have been one sexy afternoon.. but instead I opened the door in my pyjamies (not the sexy kind either) and was doing work while he fixed everything lol maby next time?



Before work: protein shake

Breakfast: Oats and protein with strawberries

- NAP -

Lunch: chicken & mixed veggies

Afternoon tea: 2 cans of tuna (I don’t usually eat tuna but I really felt like it today)

Dinner: Steak & veggies


Wednesday 18th July


I was off to go and take photos at Shugah for a few hours, I always love Wednesday’s.

I love Wednesday’s mainly because I get to see the girls, but then also because I get to have my skinny vanilla latte.

I don’t drink coffee very often so when I do I feel like superwoman, So the day was off to a great start already.

It is also officially mine and Ryan’s 3 month anniversary, It doesn’t seem like long but when you have to deal with my shit day in and day out you deserve some sort of recognition!

So I booked us a table at one of my favourite special restaurants for Saturday night, a nice little romantic date before he goes away to NZ for 8 days..

Speaking of that.. we have basically been inseparable since our first date and we haven’t spent longer than 2 nights apart from each other in 3 months. WHAT THE F*CK AM I GOING TO DO? Be cool Davina, Be cool…

But really I’m going to miss the shit out of him..

I may have to invest in that 50 shades of Grey book!?!

ANYWAY I had a massive night of work, 7 girls back to back!

And a few of them are new Bombshells too which is so exciting, 10 new bombshells in 2 weeks, were taking over the world!




Breakfast: 2 Eggs on rye & protein shake

Morning tea: Skinny Vanilla Latte & muesli bar

Lunch: Chicken & steamed zucchini

Afternoon tea: Almonds & banana 

Dinner: Chicken & steamed zucchini



Today I actually thought about how far I have come this year, I’m literally achieving 10x more than what I ever though possible! 2012 has been a massive year for me and there is still so much more coming! I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet to be blessed with such a great life and surrounded with so many awesome people. Really does go to show that you can achieve anything if you work hard enough! Why don’t you take some time tonight and write down a few goals.. without goals you have no real direction. No real reason for anything.. The more impossible they sound the better. You can achieve ANYTHING.

I hope all you bombshells are having an awesome week so far and getting closer and closer to those goals!!

If your feeling slack this week - NEVER FEAR - the motivational fairy god mother is here!! Enjoy these inspiring pics <3

LOVE Davvy xxx





Davina's Detox - week 3 - Thur, Fri & the weekend!

Thursday 12th July

Well I woke up FULL of energy, bounced out of bed and made my way to CrossfitCrossaxed to start my morning!


Turkish Get-up
3 reps each arm, alternating arms.

Dumbbell cannot rest for more than 2 seconds on the ground between reps (10KGS)


Incrementing AMRAP
 1st minute: 1 Pull-up, 1 Handstand Push-up
 2nd minute: 2 Pull-ups, 2 HSPU
 3rd minute: 3 Pull-ups, 3 HSPU

I just did normal push ups and lasted 7 minutes .


I felt awesome after, still a bit sore from training earlier in the week but I like that feeling anyway! To make my day even better I found out that my best friend couldn’t fly back to Makay because of the fog… SOOO we totally went and saw the Katy Perry movie! IT’S SO GOOD, I was never much of a fan but it’s really interesting to see how hard she works and how long it has actually taken her to get to where she is today!

It just makes me want to work harder, the world really is your oyster, there is NOTHING that you can’t achieve!


Breakfast: Eggs on rye with avocado

After training: Amino infuse shake

Lunch: Chicken (by itself because I forgot I ran out of veggies), 20g almonds

Afternoon tea: 2 plates of sushi & green tea

In the movies: Shared crispy m&m’s with mill and bottle of water

Dinner: Chicken, coconut zucchini & snow peas


Friday 13th July

UP BRIGHT AND EARLY to train my Bombshells! As much as I don’t like waking up early, I really like being at the gym early! It’s a different vibe, and I love that I’m finished by 10am.

My morning training was-

100 burpees – YES YOU HEARD ME! - Completed in 7.30 minutes. I was in a world of hurt after that one!

Then 100 bicep curls – 5kgs – completed in 3 mins

5 mins of skipping and 50 x 12kg kettle bell swings


I had a bit of running around to do before the fashion show tonight at Cloudland (EXCITED).

Went off to garden city to get a few things, tinted, washed my hair, did my nails and finished my programming in the afternoon…




Then it was show time! I was modelling for Yogathe, a super-luxurious bamboo-cotton blend range of yoga, night wear and day wear.

It felt amazing on my skin, the fabric was so soft and beautiful! I highly recommend you check it out! You can find all the products on

The other designers and models were so lovely! It was a great night!





Breakfast: Banana & muesli (on the way to work)

Before training: protein shake

Lunch: bought a salad from Healthy Habits at Garden City –

-       Coz lettuce

-       Chic peas

-       Sprouts

-       Tomato

-       Cucumber

-       Capsicum

-       Pine nuts

-       Lemon & parsley dressing

*Now just quickly I just want to touch on something, just because I have a modelling job on that night that is NO reason for me to eat any less than I would usually. I hate knowing that girls starve themselves before a photoshoot, comp or even a festival. Its gross! I’m not going to lie, I used to do it back in the day when I had no self worth or self confidence, but it honestly makes no difference, except screws with your metabolism! 

If you have something big coming up, definitely use it as motivation to train harder and eat cleaner. But be smart, your decisions NOW will most definitely affect your body in the future!*


Afternoon tea: moroccon Chicken & veggies

Dinner: chilli Crab linguini (at cloudland) but I didn’t really like it so I only ate a few fork fulls.


The Weekend – Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th


 I’m always so happy after I see my bombshells on a Saturday morning at bootcamp!

It was a miserable morning but we worked out butts off under cover. It actually ended up being a perfect day too which was nice!

I was SO EXCITED about the Crossfit comp on SUNDAY so I youtubed like 2908209382 videos of the Crossfit games over in the states. Dag I know..

I went and watched the boys play football down at Wynnum with loverlover then made my way to blockbuster to get a few girly movies for my date night with Mel (who is now newly engaged!!).

Had the most relaxing Saturday night in which was exactly what I needed after such a MAMMOTH week!



Breakfast: yoghurt & muesli

2nd breakfast after bootcamp: Eggs on toast with grilled zucchini & ginger and lemon tea


Lunch: Subway – teriyaki chicken 6inch with all salads

Afternoon tea: Chicken (by itself, it was already cooked and I couldn’t wait til dinner lol)

Dinner: Chicken, zucchini & broccollini

Dessert: Baskin & Robbins (It’s a girls night.. it would be rude not to..)







With all my power I just could not get out of bed though.. wtf!

SO I took one of these pre workout capsules my best friend gave me and BOOM! I was up!

I even did a mini workout before we left –

20 double unders

20 push ups

20 squat jumps

40 walking lunges

3 rounds

I couldn’t sit still!

 ANYWAY, got to the comp and there was so many people there! So many fit, sweaty, ripped, strong PEOPLE!!

Dude.. it was awesome!

Watching people of all ages just smashing it out was the motivation I needed! I watched the girls smash it out and a few more rounds but then headed off to Carindale.



Don’t go to the shops feeling all motivated and inspired.. you will end up spending too much money of workout gear!!

I went there purely to get take away sushi, left with 2 pairs of shorts, a jacket and new Nike’s (which are sick I might add).




After my splurge I went over to Ryans and helped him wash his ute .. (dried one half of it).

Then we took out super cute little tandem bike down the beachfront and went for a nice sunset ride. The sunset was so beautiful, it went from orange to yellow to pink to purple to dark blue! WAS BEAUTFUL.. a total make out moment!

our sunset <3


We got home and watched a few episodes of Ryan’s weird favourite show The Mighty Boosh (I feel drunk when I watch it) then went and got NANDOOOOOOS! I had a classic chicken wrap no chips or anything.

It was a perfect end to a perfect weekend.

I feel amazing too after not drinking for nearly 4 weeks, everything feels better! Bring on this coming week and everything it has to offer, I’m ready for it all!!

OH and only one more week until you find out my exciting news!!

Stay inspired Bombshells,

Love Davvy xxx