WELCOME 2013 <3

After a good few months of no blogging, finally this week I found some motivation to get back into it <3

One of my new 6 Week Challenge Bombshells was telling me how she used to read my blogs every week and that they used to inspire her to get up and train & to treat her body better! Hearing that made my day AND I hope this new blog will make yours too :D


HAPPY NEW YEAR you amazing people!

Last year went so quickly I could barely keep up. One minute I was training my girls at Legal Muscle, making personal goals for my modeling career & trying to think of ways that I could improve Infamous Physiques 



-I have my very own (very PINK) studio based in Hawthorne, Brisbane  (It’s so god damn beautiful <3)

-I have been recognized  & shot with brands like Loose Kid Industries, Nena & Pasadena, Iikoy, Jetpilot, Rockwear, Hot Bodz Active wear.
Lucky enough to now be apart of the International Monster Energy family & now managed to hit the cover of not only Australian magazines but INTERNATIONAL mags too!!

-My client base is better than ever (and the girls are working even harder than before!!)

WOW 2013 has started off with a freaking BANG!!


Enough about me though, all this blabber is making me wonder 

How many of you have conquered the goals you set for yourself last year?

If you haven’t, why do you think that is?

Being a personal trainer I get my fair share of time wasters.. and I mean that in the nicest way possible!!

The girls who are inspired for a week and then just go back to their bad habits as of the weekend..

The girls that winge and bitch that they’re  not “seeing results” when all they do is a personal training session a week and spend the other 99% of the time eating shit and doing nothing.

If something is important to you, you will make it happen!

If your SICK of being 10kgs heavier than you were last year, you will bloody run & eat well until your feeling confident again!


Why do we complicate things and make them seem harder than they are?

Why do we look at “clean eating” as a chore?

Why can’t we just look at what needs to be done, and DO IT?




Girls – you need prioritize!

No ones life is any easier than anyone else’s, regardless of how many kids you have, or how many hours you work, or how much money you “cant spend” on healthy food There is always someone out there with a tougher situation than you who is pushing through it because they would rather feel happy and healthy than flabby and miserable!

“If it’s important you will find a way, If not, you will find an excuse” 

Don’t dull yourself down because your lethargic, everyone deserves to shine, you just have to put a little bit of work in!

You are so worth it <3


On other topics, Last year I was obsessing a little over coconut oil.. well I’M EVEN MORE OBSESSED NOW!

I somehow came up with putting it in my hair and on my skin, I heard it was very moisturizing, and so it is!

My hair loved it!! So if you have time this week try it, I use Fiji Gold coconut oil and I leave it in my hair as a mask for about 20 mins and after my hair not only smells like a coconut rough but it is so shiny and bouncy.. I love it!

Another little discovery is coconut milk yoghurt, you can buy it from any health food store. Organic, Gluten free, lactose free & preservative free mix in a little bit of Pura Veda and there you have a perfect way to start your day :D


My training playlist atm is:


Monster  - Kanye West, Jay Z

Hyperparadise – Parallel Paradise

F*ckin’ Problems – A$AP Rocky (Kendrick Lamar, Drake)

Thunder bay – Hudson Mowhawke

Backseat Freestyle – Kendrick Lamar

Just what I am – Kid Cudi

Chaos Theory – Shock one


Fave workout of the year so far:

(try this one!!)


50 double unders

20kg Kettle bell sumo squat x 40

8kg one arm Kettle Bell swing x 30 (15 each arm)

Plyo box jumps x 20

Pull ups x 10


Repeat 3 times ..

Result   BROKEN!


I hope you enjoyed my first blog of the year <3 If there is any topics you want to hear about make sure you let me know on the Infamous Physiques facebook page <3

Until then please enjoy getting your eyes massaged by some of my favorite fitspo pics.. get motivated <3  

Love Davvy xx

p.s Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for your daily dose of everything fitness <3

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