About Davina

I love life and I want to make the most of it. I want to experience beautiful, fun and fabulous things and pass that onto my clients. I love getting outdoors, keeping fit and healthy and take pride in looking after myself spiritually, mentally and physically.

I believe that if people aren't laughing at your dreams...then you're not dreaming big enough!!

These days it’s all about “IMAGE”, everyone is chasing perfection...

With a mindset like that you will never find perfection because perfect will never be good enough...

I believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. I am determined to make a difference in a world full of superficial and negative attitudes and prove that a little change can go a long way.


"I can honestly say that I have never been happier with my body, I'm not perfect but for once I don’t thrive to be.. I'm so happy being me!! I train because I love the feeling and I choose to eat well because those foods are what I crave. Set realistic goals, be happy and embrace YOU..'' xo -Davina Rankin